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TJ Koyen

With all due respect, if you think you need a $225k to $1mil budget to compete in top-level national sprint karting, you are out of your mind. People need to spend more time in their chassis tuning manual and less time in their checkbook. If your goal is to move up the “racing ladder” (or the money spending ladder as it is these days), then take your $1mil and go buy a seat in a feeder-level formula car or any variety of stock car.

Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on karting per year, maybe spend some time learning how to tune the kart and and learning how to drive. It’s much cheaper, trust me.

I understand the point of the show isn’t to promote karting, but it seems like it’s intent is to do the opposite and make karting look like a circus, much like all reality tv. I can’t possibly fathom how this show is remotely good for the sport. When 80% of the topics on this discussion board are from armchair experts proposing new ways to improve the sport, I’m surprised that this show isn’t getting more people worked up.

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