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Michael Tetreault

Andy I wasn’t around for 2 of those series before my time.  Yes the other 2 may of had the take on SKUSA Philosphy.  All I was doing was stating history.  I hope the sport survives!   I agree Look forward, not backward.  Time will tell.

One Note back in 2005ish when Bridgestone was the tire in SKUSA with Joe the tire part of the entry was $424.00 with Tax.  Today the MG white price with tax is $444.00.  9 years later thats less than a  5% increase not bad on SKUSA’s part keeping the cost resonable.  Should the world hate Bill Gates because he makes money off what he sells? Just beacuse you buy a computer with Windows should you be invited to Bill’s house or should he come over and thank you personally?   You buy a computer with Window’s operating system becasue it is the best.  People race the Super Nationals because it is the best!  Should we dislike Bill for trying to make a living? I guess if microsoft was karting I guess everyone would have the Mac operating system then.  But they dont!

Michael Tetreault