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Dave Hosie

The new series is offering travel incentives to the teams that bring  the drivers which we can then pass that savings onto the customers???

So the series will pay the team an incentive to bring drivers. The drivers will pay their entry fees, which is the primary revenue source for the series. The teams will then cut some slack to the drivers……?? Have we got that right?

A three race national series SWAG budget say $ 20K+, BUT we get to save $25 / set on say 12 sets of tires, so we saved $ 300. I am glad some hard facts & numbers are starting to emerge that show us this is a good thing.

It was pointed out that not everyone was happy. I hear there are a lot of people not happy with ROTAX too. Are we certain this is not a move from the frying pan to the fire!

Hopefully there will be some real numbers put out soon regarding entry fees, paddock space costs, prize funds, not to mention track schedules etc ( 13 classes / day may be a bit tough to get good track time in. )