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Linda Baldus

I’ve said this before on this site but perhaps it bears repeating.
My hairdresser has two kids that race moto-cross. Up until this past year, they were pretty well big-time. (The oldest, who is a girl, is now 16, and has a lot of “other interests”.) They did lots of big races, such as a biggie in the spring in TX, and Ponca City, OK. FL Thanksgiving. And “Loretta” every summer. And they did a MO state series every year plus a couple of local tracks.
We got to talking about how much they spent one time, and I was totally shocked when she told me they had no insurance passes they had to pay for at the club and state series’ races!
I have no idea what happened (who paid what) when one of the mothers died when she was run over by the guy grading the track on Saturday night. She ran out onto the track to save her dog from being run over, and —. She was behind the grader and it backed up, not having seen her back there.

Keep on kartin'. llb
Raymore, MO