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David Cole

Those programs you listed all have more support from within the industry to host events. AMA has Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha all behind the sport. Late Models have a huge list of engine builders, parts manufacturers, etc all supporting the sport.

Looking at dirt oval karting compared to sprint oval is like apples and oranges. The track rental is much less, as you can build a dirt oval in your own backyard. To do a sprint track, you are looking at a much larger piece of land, a lot of money dropped into pavement. So rental fees for clubs/series to go into a dirt track is much, much less than a sprint track.

Example: WKA Daytona KartWeek – entry was $240 for a trophy class. That includes practice, qualifying, two heat races, a Prefinal and Final. Say you get 5 sessions of practice, that’s around $24 a session, not counting the two warm-up sessions. That’s pretty good considering indoor karting is around $15 a session.

Example: Rotax Challenge of the Americas for Senior Max is $1095. That includes the following:
Friday Practice
Saturday Race Entry
Sunday Race Entry
1 pail of race fuel* ($75)
1L XPS oil* ($20)
Race tires** ($276×2)
Driver Pit Pass ($25)
1 Pit spot for trailer – you’ll need an extra pit spot if you want a motorhome on the paddock. ($100)

If you look just at Friday-Sunday Entry, that’s $323. Break that down by the session, 5 on Friday, 4 Saturday, 4 Sunday, that’s $24 a session.

David Cole - EKN Managing Editor