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Stewart Willis

I heard that a few of the shops mentioned in the press release were upset that their names were used in the press release to back the series without their permission and the mischaracterization of their level of support for the new series.    Things like this can usually be fixed with conversations and voicing your concerns.  Maybe this was done…  I dont know.

The glaring weakness  in this new series is that the Tag classes revolve around the Rotax engine.  With such huge manufacturing variances in the component and parts  tolerances and the ridiculous performance differences from engine to engine (specifically in Micro and Mini) I think that this program (in the warmer months of the year when Canadians will not NEED a place to race) is destined to fail.   A ROK-based series would at least have a fighting chance because of the pressure that OTK could put on their dealers…… And somebody clearly has some cash that they dont mind burning  to fund this battle.

But, I think that it was a nice shot over the bow of SKUSA.    Presumably, those shops that  are essentially declaring war on SKUSA will no longer be supporting  SKUSA races or they will be prepared with their hiking boots for the long walks to the grid.