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Tim Koyen

Rob’s comments about the shops’ function at that level is spot on.  Every successful regional or national series out there knows that good shop support is fundamental to having a successful series.  A large part of the racers at that level are not DIY’ers.  They want and need the shops to be there, and the shops need them.  The series need them both, and they know it.  Most people don’t see it, but there is a tremendous amount of behind-the-scenes handwringing about who is going to schedule first and the informal pecking order.  Larger, more successful series get to schedule first, then it moves down the line.  This isn’t because they all share the same 150 racers, its because the same shops/teams service them all.  All promoters know the important role that the teams play in bringing entries to these events and making the teams choose one event over another is very risky.  Sometimes its necessary, but still risky.

This is also an obvious strategy to defend the Rotax brand in a market this feeling a strong IAME push.  Like we always say, its not personal, its just business.  I hope they are both successful and the overall market grows.


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