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Rob Kozakowski

Jim – Is it really Rotax vs. IAME, or is it the shops vs. SKUSA, where Rotax benefits from having an existing program?

My guess is that on the TAG side, many of the shops who pushed for this feel they can make more money, and are thus happier, with the Rotax and Mojo deal than with the new SKUSA/IAME/MG deal.  On the Stock Honda side of things, this also benefits the shops with “Shop MG” tires vs. SKUSA MG tires.

SKUSA has always done a great job running events.  But they’ve now taken a lot of potential profit in the form of tires and engines from their biggest customers  – the shops (remember there are very few privateers running out of their own trailer at the SKUSA events).  The question that will eventually be answered is whether SKUSA has gone too far?