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Jim Derrig

Can’t help but notice that there is a Rotax versus IAME undercurrent here.  This appears to be Rotax’s salvo back at IAME’s taking over of the Supernat, and provides an additional incentive for current Rotax drivers to stay with the program and not switch to an X-30.

“feel they have taken away every revenue stream possible from dealers and importers”

Interesting but economically irrelevant.  The money ultimately comes from the final product purchaser, the karter.  The karter does not care how the $200 for the tires he just purchased is divided up behind the scenes.  Starting a new series as a means to protect profit margins for middlemen only leads to market dilution, as the series’ rational is based on an economically irrelevant fact.  The real question is whether the series will increase participation enough to justify its existence, i.e., does it serve the end-user better than the existing service provider?