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Stu Hayner


You’ve just bought one of the easiest and lowest maintenance cost engines in karting.

If the engine is sound now – it should be good all year w/o much, if any maintenance.

If you don’t know how many hours on it – have an engine builder look at it.

If you’re going to leave it sit over the winter and you can’t bring it inside, put a little Marvel Mystery oil thru the carb as it’s running – shut off – then put a teaspoon of MMO in the spark plug hole. Run the cylinder up and down a few strokes – then bag it in plastic. Moisture will hurt any engine if it’s not well lubed.

If you need ANYTHING for the engine, give me a shout. I have bins of new and good used parts for the HPV. That engine is 95% of what we run out here in the F100 series.

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