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Ted Hamilton

Walt —

I can see your point, but we got grouped, as ICAs, with the TaGs at BeaverRun….we staggered the start so that we were perhaps 5 sec. behind on the green.  Speeds were similar, and we were experienced enough to pass the slower TaGs and not interfere with their racing unduly.

IMO, if you’re grouped in, you owe it to the other class not to interfere — either let them all by on a straight, or something similar.  And if you’re being passed, hold your line, and follow a normal racing line…  But courtesy is a disappearing commodity in karting, it seems.

That’s where “Open” class makes sense to me as a catch-all — it doesn’t interfere with other classes points’ battles but still lets people race who don’t fit elsewhere…


2014 Praga Dragon / IAME KA-100