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Shawn Welte

the link to the above video http://youtu.be/PoEjw6GYE1Q

Added a couple of other videos from last season recently both are in single engine karts from historic Quincy or TNT Kartways as its now known as:

First is in our Dart A-Bone, not a kart I drive very often, handles different than my Bugs http://youtu.be/aknX0lcCO4U  Its a little 80cc McCulloch, but I’m running down a 100 cc McCulloch ;)

Second is in my Bug Sprint, which I drove to the class win at this past VKA race held there http://youtu.be/mwpZ7mjuG1o



Bug - Alley Kat II - McCulloch - Coyote - B&S LO206