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Shawn Welte

Our track in this configuration is going on 4 years old and gets better each year as the soil consolidates, although we do have to pick up rocks in the spring.  We have a 500 gallon tote on a little trailer with a pvc header with holes in it that we pull behind a vehicle to water the track.  Depending upon the moisture content of the soil, usually takes 1000 gallons, also depends on how long you want to run.  We also have an old chisel plow, a drag, a really old small farm tractor disc that we use on the track.  A Kubota tractor with a blade. Disc not used so often.  Get everything shaped then pack it.  We’ll sometimes pack with a truck or jeep.  Most of the time just with the karts.

Yea, we run slicks.  On good packed clay that really is all we need with cheap clone, old Harbor Freight, engines.  Plus it does not chew up and rut the track.  Wheels are mostly 6-inch wheels, mostly with cheap used tires that we pick out at swap meets.  Not uncommon that our personal fleet will have Dunlop, a Bridgestone, a Maxxis, and a Burris on it.  Often pretty old tires.  Although we did recently put new Burris 22s on the left rears.  Rights are normally 8.10s or 7.10s, left front 4.5 to 6, left rear normally a 5.  Even on a fun practice oval track like this you want get your stagger right and to run the wide tires on the right side.

We do run our own oval chassis design which are mostly 0.090 to .120 wall tube, pretty heavy tube, the frames we race are normally thinner tube and chrome moly.  If you have a smooth track you should not have to worry a whole lot about breaking welds.


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