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Paul Hir

Roger, I have been following amateur road racing series such as NASA and SCCA as long as I can remember, and they require a license. The past 3 years I have been following and racing in Chumpcar/Lemons, and although they do not require you to have a license (just pay a membership fee), the racing is cleaner (my opinion then NASA/SCCA) and they don’t tolerate BS. I don’t agree with a licensing system, because it just brings more unneeded bureaucracy. Karting is already complicated, Oval racing seems to understand simplicity perhaps karting can follow.

Darrin, I agree that if the 206 would have beaten the clone it would be a whole different ball game, 206 is certainty gaining traction, but I think people feel the clone sting in my region (In addition to other issues track related). Kt100 has become the class and I requested KPV/HPV clause in the rules with a higher weight class, I plan on running a KPV, although I will miss the simplicity and reliability of the 206.