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Kevin Reguera

Thanks Freddy and Ed!  It’s great to hear what others think because you guys have been there….done that.  I have not.

To answer your question Freddy, and I haven’t questioned the guy with the clone kart but occasionally, one’s like that go up on craigslist around here.  And I’m just guessing here because he doesn’t say much about the specs. But it may need things replaced where as if I just built one…it’d be only buying one.  I just don’t want to buy a kart for 1250, pay to have it shipped, then have to throw another lump of money at it for upgrades….and when it’s done, I’ve got a used kart.

However, if the right kart came my way…I’d definitely be interested.

Some thoughts I have that are making a used kart purchase hard are:  I’d like a nice 32mm frame, 50mm axle, large rims, large dirt tires, large seat, a nice KT100 motor.  I know the rim/tire thing is not realistic on a used kart but just pointing out that I’d have to buy them.

I’d like it to be a kart that when you walk up to it…you say out loud, I WANT TO DRIVE THAT THING!

Thanks again for your thoughts!