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Roger Ruthhart

I just wanted to clarify a point I raised earlier regarding licenses. As Mr. Deering points out there is no point to having a license to race at a local track. However under today’s formula, a guy can race 1 or 2 races at his local track… heck, he call pull his new kart out of the box … and race at most of our top national events. Promoters have no way of knowing the talent level of the racers and racers have no clue whether the guys next to them going into the corner have any race craft knowledge.

Rotax has wisely addressed this problem by making racers compete and excel in regional programs before running in national events. SKUSA has some minimal license requirements for limited classes. Some local tracks make newbies put a big X on the back of their helmets. But pretty much everywhere, you just pay your membership and go race.

If you leave karting and go race cars, you need to qualify for a specific license regardless of the series. If you leave the US to race karts elsewhere in the world, you need to qualify for a license. But here ACCUS (the FIA’s agent in this country) has abdicated any control over karting so there are no national guidelines to assure that drivers have the necessary training and experience to be safe and qualified racers before moving up. If you were ¬†racing at a major national event, wouldn’t you like to know that the guys next to you had the same skill level and weren’t just some clown out for a joy ride? That is the point I was trying to make.