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Rod Hawkins

MDG karting. Stu is the man. He will talk in detail regarding what you are looking for, what your budget is and what your plans are. He is very realistic and helpful. He is also open to meeting you at the tracks and helping you with your purchase.


When end I was first looking into karting a couple years ago, I got a lot of  “attitude” from different people in the sport. As someone coming from motocross, mountain bike racing, BMX racing and a deep interest in sports cars, I just about gave up looking into karting as I didn’t need a bunch of ” kart experts” being too cool to talk to someone and educate them on the sport. It was frustrating because I kept reading on these boards about how karting is dying, and then you try and learn about the sport and equipment and they all look at you like your an idiot because you didn’t know the difference between KPV, kt100, PRD, leopard, x30, rotax, stock honda, etc.

After meeting stu I got really excited and now love going out and racing.


You out need to look into f100 series too. If you think you are going to have fun just doing practice track days with you and a few friends, it gets kind of boring after a while, esp after performing in a series like f100.