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Kevin Reguera

Thanks Jim…appreciate the input.

I may have loosely used the term “bash around in my backyard”.  I don’t actually plan on jumping this thing or bashing into trees…and I realize they have no suspension.

I’ve got a nice smooth (for the most part) track that that I can grade out if the ruts get too nasty.

I absolutely plan on putting something larger than a 6hp on it!

Maybe I’m seeing this all wrong but whats the difference between building a kart from this style of frame as opposed to an Outlaw dirt oval kart that runs on a CR500?  I don’t plan on putting on a CR500, I’m just saying they run those karts on dirt and they are rigid as well.  With taller seats and a roll cage.  They also run dirt karts just like these sprint karts in Australia with larger motors.

I think if parts are going to be a major hassle  though…it’s not going to be any fun and I’ll scrap the idea.

Thanks again!