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Ted Hamilton

I would agree that new kart prices seem absurd….to those who haven’t priced out what it would cost to build their own…

Having said that, why are we pushing new karters into new packages?  I started karting with a $500 Tony//Kart Esprit (1998 model) in 2002 with a 1997 $300 Haase Titan ICA.  I raced club level ICA at BeaveRun at a better performance level than TaG for about $1000 once I added in the cast-off tires from the 2001 STARS event at the same track…

The NUMBER ONE factor that influenced me beyond cost was this:  I had a good friend who took the time to help me go karting by pitting for me, even though he was an accomplished karter himself.  He answered my (sometimes stupid) questions, made sure I was where I needed to be when I needed to be on raceday until I got used to the format, and served as a mentor.

The focus on cutthroat instead of friendly competition is what is killing karting, IMO.  That, cost, and complexity.  Get an air cooled Komet or KT with 2 disc low-engagement clutch, a chassis with nerfs and only numberplates, and a helping hand in the pits, and I bet you’d have a winning formula for growth.

2014 Praga Dragon / IAME KA-100