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Tim Koyen

Some people might be shocked to learn that a lot of people weren’t happy with the “status quo” series, yet still complied because it was the only show in town.  The type of chatter has gone on between the shops for awhile now, as they watched their portion of the revenue dwindle.  A new series had a ready-made group of followers just waiting for it to happen.  To me, the most surprising part is that it isn’t Rok Cup based.  I really thought it would be, given the desire by Vortex to be a player again.

In the East, WKA’s Man Cup series was very sick a couple years ago.  Many shops and racers felt they were being ignored by the organization.  USPKS was born out of that.  USPKS has flourished in its first few years, but WKA hasn’t given up yet.  In fact, they seem to be making an effort to right the ship.  Only time will tell if both series can survive.  Things aren’t quite that bad in the West.  The current market leader is still healthy and doing well, yet there is an underlying tone of unhappiness among some of the customers.  Will this new competition be able to jump right in and be successful because of this?  Again, time will tell.  If not, it is still a wake up call to everyone that no one can be complacent…karting business, otherwise.

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