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Paul Hir

I understand why people have positive things to say about a Briggs 206, it is a great engine very reliable. I do not understand why someone would go from a sealed class to pro gas and bypass the WF, which is essentially the same amount of maintenance as a 206 but more HP. Seems as though KT100 would better than going the Pro-Gas, it’s not going to be cheap to have an engine rebuilt to different specs.
I go to a track that is well known around the karting community, yet each year, I do not know what chassis or what engine I will run. The rule changes are what killing grassroots karting, the 206 is a great engine but it is not much fun when only two other lightweights are circle around a heavyweight. Within a class you have several other classes, light, medium, heavy, senior ect… I feel as though the manufacturers are building everything for those that are running nationals rather than supporting the grassroots.  It is hard for me to believe that as spec as karting is there is no way to equalize the chassis for local racing. I understand that Margay has a 206 package, if I told someone local to join karting and spend $4k to race 3-4 people of those 3-4 people they are in a different weight class so they are faster. They would run to the kart rentals and spend a fraction of the price and not worry about anything other than having fun.