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Kelly Read

OK RACERS here is what I have confirmed:

STALLION body work: Mark McNaught out of Wichita Ks has purchased those molds. You can contact Mark at: 316-990-5322 or mczero3594@gmail.com

NEW CONCEPT body work: Walkup-Wilshire has purchased these molds. Contact Competition Karting (CKI) at 336-731-6111

HENRY body work: Contact Austin Henry at 316-461-2238 or austin@associatedindustriesinc.com

Styles, widths, colors and pricing can be found out from these people.

As for INSTALLING: Outside Wichita Ks I have no idea. In the Wichita area, you might try Jim Edgington or Shannon Hendrix????  No, THE MAN will not!!!  LOL

Please be sure to give all these new suppliers patience and time as this is new to some of them. Without them, we would be in trouble!!!

THANK YOU  “suppliers” in stepping up to help out the ROAD RACER!!!!