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Carl Freese

Have they posted any kind of schedule for the events? I can’t seem to see one anywhere that I have looked. It seems pretty ambitious to run 12 run groups to me. Not quite sure how they are going to break up the events? Is it going to be 2 days for each event to be the total of the 4 days that the events are? If someone knows where a schedule is, it would be good to post it for us to see and not speculate.

I have not been part of any of their other series and have no idea how they run their program which is why I am curious. I have run SKUSA and their timeliness (Except Modesto) has always been pretty good. I know how it is in business, if someone sees you doing well, they come in and try to do what you do to make their own business. I only hope that this doesn’t end diluting the fields with guys that will only run series “X” and not run series “Y” and vice-versa.

The other thing that has my interest is I have seen it posted multiple times above that the US Open series is running the SKUSA Rule Book for the Stock Moto. I don’t think that is possible unless they are being sanctioned by SKUSA?? As far as I know, you can’t just use a set of rules unless you are associated with that sanctioning body. It would be nice to get some clarification on that as well if anyone has some other information that can help. If it is seen as a “rival” situation, then I wouldn’t think that SKUSA would let them use their rules?? So now what?? Another set of Stock Moto rules to adapt??

Hopefully some more clarification will be coming and not just an announcement of dates and places. Give us some true information to start making informed decisions and opinions and not just guessing at how this is going to play out.

My 2.5 cents