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Dave Hosie

Josh I hope you are right, but my fear is that both series are really pulling from the same pool, which will make it very hard for both series to prosper, its more likely that one will struggle / fold. For example, we will be running the SKUSA spring NATS and it is totally impractical to take time off from work / school 2 weeks later to attend another race. I believe a lot of people will be forced to make this same decision for one series or the other, that will effect the revenue for both series.

Your statement that it effectively produces a regional series with national exposure actually just about sums up most of our National series. Perhaps they should be called RegionNats! The only series that this year is coming close to having a true NATIONAL program is SKUSA with three races across the country. That is what a NATIONAL series is! The TPKS series is what you are describing.

I don’t see this series as a Stock Moto series with the inclusion of Rotax as you have said but indeed exactly the opposite, a ROTAX Series that has included Stock Moto to try and drive it’s popularity / profits!