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Alan Michel

looking at the big team names supporting this new series, I would say it was them who pushed it, not the promoter initially.   big teams WANT more races.  more races that drivers CANNOT miss because they are ‘national’ racers.    lets be honest, most drivers(or their parents) that attend the full protour/cota/rotax nationals/etc  HAVE the money to do  it and the TEAMS know it.    I said most, not all.

I don’t think is bad for karting, it is COMICAL, but not necessarily bad lol.   also it will be good that SKUSA will have to step up their game, serious competition now.

a true national championship would be amazing.   imagine that only the first 3 to 5 drivers from each club/region could attend the national series?  that would make regional/club karting pretty strong!    but that seems impossible nowdays in karting.