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Roger Miller

I don’t disagree with much being said here as to areas of concern.  One thing though, the history of IKF and WKA and even today, their focus has been on the grass roots, with some different tiers (club, regional, national).  And while having a limited list of “national” classes, they have offered local clubs, track operators and series organizers, the latitude to add “option” classes that suit their geography and clients.  The dynamics of the engine blizzard that has been happening, and the economic downturn, clubs and tracks have suffered with membership issues, and have “turned down” their programs, left the organizations and gone to independent insurers, and the racers that have remained may or may not be going after the higher level events.

There is that core that is running the SKUSA, ROTAX, Florida series and those programs have held up, kept that hard core following, and have even some growth of late, but this isn’t the local clubs and weekend racers that we need to build the sport again.

Another issue I have seen is the complexity of the sport.  When I hear a person ask “how do I (or my kid) go faster?” and the answer is “Hire a tuner” then to me, something is broken at the grass roots level.  I see directions happening that may improve this area – the clone was a symptom, and the LO206 may be a piece of the answer.  The 2 stroke clutch market is still a mess.  That is where something needs to be done to refocus that sport.  I know when we started through the levels, the KT100 and HPV100 were just about all there was – and with the different exhausts, made it a progression from junior to senior.