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Greg Dingess

Canada is in the ideal situation.  They have one sanctioning body, two distinct engine programs, and one national championship.

Unfortunately we don’t have that singularity in North America.  We have 5 major sanctioning bodies that are all pushing different packages and all have different plans for the future.  None of them are going anywhere, anytime soon and they are all fighting for the attention of the same 400 or so national racers.  Thus our strategy has to be modified accordingly.

I disagree with Rick’s “<span style=”color: #444444; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, serif; font-size: 12px; line-height: 21px;”>Part of the reason we have the mess we do is because we’ve allowed each group at the bottom to push things up…” statement.  All 5 of the mentioned sanctioning bodies in North America make their decisions independent from the bottom of the pyramid.  I also find it frustrating that we keep looking to Europe to show us the way.  We have a different economy than Europe, a different culture than Europe, and a different karting scene than Europe.  Our answers to finding success and numbers in karting lies within our own borders.</span>

We have 316 million people in this country.  USPKS or any other series can brag about how they have a whole 170 entries, but the reality of it is that every karter, kart shop, club and sanctioning body should be scratching their heads trying to figure out why there are only 170 and not 1,700… I’ve already voiced my opinion on that solution in my earlier posts, so I won’t bore anyone ;).

Keep in mind too that the FIA, AMA, etc. are all big organizations with big annual revenues.  Karting bodies in the US are a couple of paid staff members and a lot of devoted volunteers.