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Rob Kozakowski

I’m no czar.  I have ideas, but I can’t sell them.

Part of the reason we have the mess we do is because we’ve allowed each group at the bottom to push things up… in about 100 different directions.  It’s probably great for the tuners out there, who can be kept busier than ever with all the competing “top level” series’ events we have today, and it’s great for guys with real deep pockets who can afford to race different series almost every weekend.  It’s not great for the great drivers with minimal funds, who don’t get much recognition anymore because they have to choose only one of the many now-diluted series out there.  It’s also not great for the average-joe karters, who might occasionally want to venture to another track once or twice a year, but can’t anymore because their’s no class or nobody to race against for them at the other track.  We’re benefitting the few, at the expense of the many.

I currently race Rotax, but admit to having no love for it.  That said, in Canada, where our ASN is pretty strong, we have a lot of consistency across most of the country, with Rotax and L206 (I also race the L206 and love it) being the standard for 2 and 4 cycle racing, respectively.  Although clubs have the ability to add additional classes locally (shifters, Honda 4 cycles), the clubs are based around these 2 engine packages, which can be raced anywhere, from the club up to the National level.  Again, while I don’t love the choice of Rotax, at least it’s clear what you need if you want to race, with consistent rules everywhere you go.

In Canada, “overall”, I think the top down approach has been beneficial, with much less fragmentation than in the USA.  We actually have National Champions!  In my opinion, we’d be better off in Canada if we had a better option than Rotax for 2-cycle, but what that better option would be is far from obvious right now, especially when Rotax is so prevalent and everyone has so much invested in it.