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Dave Hosie

Rob, was that an offer to become the Czar? People might start voting!!!

A lot of what you are saying makes sense. Indeed the CIK will be returning to ICA direct style next year, a new form based on KF technology. Unfortunately we already have one manufacturer who has released a NON CIK direct drive ahead of finalization of the CIK standards. No doubt they are thinking about the American Market where of course they want us to have different engines that are not equal and cannot be run in the same class. Hopefully as the Czar you will simply say NO and mandate that the manufacturers follow the spec and give us engines that can all be run together competitively at the same weight.

You then have a chance of developing a strong local following with a defined path to your regional and National final. You may even be able to call the final a US or North American CIK-FIA Championship. Of course that would give our drivers some recognition on par with the Europeans and no one wants that.

Now all that remains is to organize our Czar sanctioning body so that we can find a way to get some money out of unsuspecting people and start sending you your check.

Joking aside, I frankly believe that the move today by MaxSpeed group just emphasizes that we really do need some kind of new leadership. What we are getting is absolutely a top down approach. We need to establish what we want and push it back up!