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Greg Wright

Dave,  Good response.  I in no way meant that Junior classes should be eliminated, of course not. All I really mean is that the sport seems to spend 75% of it’s effort on 25% of it’s base. Despite the wording I believe that we are in agreement there.


In the early days of kart racing it was covered by and advertised to the hot rod, custom car, race car magazines of the time. Indeed magazines like Hot Rod Magazine, Car Craft and in particular Rod and Custom were the tide that lifted the karting boat. Without question kart racing sprung from the hot rod world.

Why shouldn’t the sport take a cue from it’s beginnings and begin to advertise and promote articles to be written in current magazines, websites etc. that are catering to that particular demographic.


And yes Dave I’m afraid you are smack on the money with your statement that we aren’t seeing a new generation of motorheads being raised. Heck, an amazing percentage of teen and 20 somethings never bothered to get a drivers license. This may be the biggest problem for all of motorsports eventually.

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