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Cris Schureman

Reading the list of people/companies involved in the planning process (all have supported SKUSA), one could conclude they were looking to do something different (not happy with the Pro Tour) or add races to what they are already supporting. It does not appear to be “one guy” that put this together.

If you want to bang gears at a national level in the US, Stock Honda is where the numbers are.  Attempting to start a new series that includes shifter karts and using a different motor (KZ, ROK, X30) would not get you the numbers you need to be successful.  It is all about kart count and when you have 1000 guys with stock moto engines that are paid for, only a fool and his money would start a series using something else. Having the same basic class structure is logical and SKUSA does not have exclusive rights to the use of the motor. TAG USA even has/had their own stock moto rules in their rule book (or they did the last time I saw it). If the new series plagiarizes the SKUSA  rule book that will be a problem.

I can’t imagine the chaos that will ensue when everyone pulls an all nighter packing up from the new race and attempts to get spotted at the Super Nationals. Grabbing the popcorn for that one.

Personally I would rather see a KZ program take root in North America using CIK / international rules.  I believe the argument of it being too expensive is lame when you compare what it costs to run stock moto and be competitive at a national level.

It would be great to hear from some of the people who were part of putting this together.