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Dan Schlosser

Greg Dingess nailed it. Spot on in every regard.

Greg Wright also nailed it with which side of the pyramid needs to be attended to.

Both mimic much of the rhetoric I have preached for awhile. We need reasonable, entry level programs with common rules to build the base of the sport again. Let IAME, Rotax, Rotax and Honda fight amongst themselves at the National or even Regional level, but the tracks and clubs need to ignore what they do and focus on putting butts in karts again.

I have made a conscious decision not to sponsor any large traveling organization this year or in the near future and will instead be spending my sponsorship dollars on local racing only. I spent $4500 last year sponsoring classes & events and advertising. At the end of the day I got some slightly better pit spot locations and my name called out a few times. Nothing against the fine folks that cashed those checks – they have to run a  business too.  But that $4500 could have been used to provide class sponsorship, awards, arrive & drive programs, incentive programs to build LO 206, Rookie or Kid Kart programs locally that would reap way more rewards long term.

Anyone in this business for the long haul should seriously consider where their money is being spent. With the current environment of big engine manufacturers mandating the direction of the sport, I’m of the opinion that they can fund their own agenda and I’ll underwrite mine – sustainable growth at the local level.