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Unfortunately, you are right, Jim. If you think anything getting pushed down from the top is going to work, you are crazy. Local track owners and local shops are going to run/sell whatever they can to the paying customers. At this time, with karting in the shape that it is, no one can afford to turn away paying customers right now.

With that current mindset, the only people who can change what happens is the local racers and kart shops. You have to promote and buy whatever is best for karting. This is hard to do when certain shops are “exclusive retailers” of this or “North American dealer” of that. Everyone has their own agenda and trying to make a buck for themselves. Top down is not going to work. Getting all your local karters on the same page is how it has to start. Then neighboring series, then your regional series. You have to grow from the bottom up. You can’t build a skyscraper from the tip down…