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Jim Derrig

“That umbrella doesn’t need to pick rules and classes etc. but it sure would be nice if we had a national licensing system and maybe some coordination among events from various organizations on the race schedule to avoid serious conflicts.”

You guys just crack me up.

Why the heck should a local track owner care if somebody has a “license”?  Who is going to make the owner turn away an unlicensed paying customer?  A “license” might make sense if you have a national or international level race and want to keep  obvious bumblers off the entry list but it isn’t going to grow anything at a local level:  If anything it is a barrier to entry.  Licensing is for the elite.

As for the number of classes, we have a large humber of classes because paying customers show up with a wide variety of karts and the track owners aren’t going to tell them to leave.  I started out with a 10-year-old shifter with a mod honda.  Out of date and the only one on the track.  I got it cheap.  Excluding karts like that with standard, nation-wide specs will not encourage people to enter karting.  It will just make it more expensive to enter.

Hell, SKUSA is speccing Hondas and X30’s and the whining and wailing can be heard from coast-to-coast.  Again, its okay if you are running an elite series and want to keep costs down for those who would actually show up with 3 different engines and select which one works best at track “X”, but local level? Nope.

A national body can issue all of the specs and rules it wants, but in the absence of some ability to enforce the rules, it’s just so much spinning of wheels.