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Kelly Read

Just for the record!!!

1) Lindsay did not win the Piston Port pipe medium race as John Brown actually won. His transponder didn’t pick up during the race. Lindsay  finished 2nd.

2) In the stock Leopard on the 2nd day, Lindsay came across first but was dq’d in tech on a controversy flex infraction that several of us tried to battle from day 1. I have sent a letter to the WKA officials per request from a trustee for them to discuss it.

3) Her TRUE finishes were: 1st in Piston Pipe heavy (good race with Roger Hatcher), 6th in stock leopard 1 (shortened then stopped after 2 red flags. She had a good chance of winning this one as she was 3rd when the red came out the 2nd time. You could put a blanket over the top 10), 2nd in piston port pipe medium and  in the stock leopard 2 (waiting to hear).

Overall I am VERY proud of how she ran at Daytona. Being her 1st time there and to run up front in all 4 classes just shows what type of a driver she is. GREAT job girl!!!!

We want to thank RRR (Fulks) racing, TS racing, McDade racing, Margay/Bridgestone, CKI for there support. Special thanks to John Larson in helping me do the wrenching (great help).

As for WKA, Dart kart club and Woodbridge kart club. THANK YOU!!!!  Outside of the issue in tech, VERY WELL RAN EVENT!!!!