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Kevin Willoughby

<p style=”text-align: left;”>WOW  the race season needs to get going. Instead of complaining or trying to  figure out what the heck is going on in the sport And there is some problems but all sports have there problems so go out and Enjoy Kart racing tell your friends and family”s  your Neighbors how much fun your having Promote your spot it will grow it will go through all kinds of ups and downs as we in life all do I have raced in all forms of racing and Karts are by FAR THE CHEAPEST. A set of rocker arms and shafts for the funny car are as a kart is  and from there it all goes up in costs if i pop an engine it can cost 50,000 how many years of  engines races parts etc can you go through with 50 grand and cars cost over 100 grand so we make no money at it But Dam we have allot  Fun.  Karting is a Blast its allot of fun for cheap Hell having a Kid in Hockey costs more and i am sure all those Kids are making the NHL just ask their Parents  . I Could go on and on But maybe you get my point go out and have fun race where you race enjoy the day the  race The time you get to spend with Family and Friends and all the Good Memories Boys Start your engines or go Play Tiddlywinks  Enjoy it Just remember you are all in the cheapest and Funnest Motorsport in the world  keep it FUN . Have a Great 2015 we will see you at the Tracks across america or maybe just your home track Thanks for the Great sport thankyou all for being there through the Years</p>
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