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Greg Wright


Thanks for the reasoned response. Your statement that the current situation is bad for both the racer and the small shops is right to the point. The effect on the racer is (I think) obvious to most, however there seems to be a fair sized segment that feel that the shops are bloodsuckers getting rich off the racers back.

The fact is that the uproar that is kart racing today has made it harder and harder for the small shops to stay afloat. Constant changes in the flavor of the month when it comes to engines and chassis does a great job in making the shop owners inventory obsolete in what is an astonishingly short period of time. As a result most shop owners decline to keep as much inventory as they used to just to keep from getting hung with as much tied up in obsolete inventory.

Unfortunately that makes it very difficult to compete with companies that are fortunate enough to be operating on “old money” and the ones run by well heeled businessmen that aren’t worried about paying the mortgage and the light bill.


Your statement about all of racing in the US being a farce is true on the surface, but much of it is remaining successful in spite of the fragmentation. Drag racing in particular seems to have held off the effects of the economic downturn way better than most. My shop is adjacent to Lucas Oil Raceway @ Indianapolis (Formerly IRP) and every event from a NHRA blow out to the smallest ET based drag meet pack the racers in like sardines.

I also work part time as a USAC official and sprint car racing even though it is probably the leader in fragmentation sure seems reasonably healthy. I can’t speak for all of the US but here in the midwest sprint car tracks outnumber kart tracks by a huge margin and the fields are full everywhere and it’s common for there to be 4+ races per week and more than that when you find that many of the tracks run on the same dates.

Again I don’t have the answer, a member led organization quickly turns into anarchy with people wanting everybody’s ox to be gored but their own.

A benevolent dictator to lead the sport out of the wild is probably the answer but who in their right mind would accept that position?


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