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Matt Clark

The reason karting has become so fragmented is because karters led it to be. Think about it: if everyone brushed off new engine packages and stayed with the tried and trues: Briggs, K100s, Stock Hondas, what have you, would we be having this discussion? No. For some reason (unbeknownst to me) people almost seem to enjoy switching motors, or there are others who feel it necessary to cheat to win a plastic trophy, discouraging others. Someone earlier had it right, doing things short-term is idiotic and leads to long-term failure in many arenas in life. I’m amazed that something like karting, which is so damn fun, cannot gain traction with people.

Bottom line is until classes are condensed, rules are agreed upon (seriously what is up with the !@#$ measuring contest between sanctioning bodies?), and things stay relatively the same (maybe only small, inexpensive changes made based upon RELIABILITY and EASE OF USE), we’re mired in what we’ve got: a big piece of glass shattered into millions of pieces, all seemingly bickering with one another.