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Dave Hosie


Couldn’t agree with you more on the issue of manufacturer / importers driving the business. We are moving to one make engine series, Rotax, IAME, ROk.

How long will it be before someone comes up with the idea of a one make engine / chassis series! It may not be far away!

My point from my posts on this topic is that we need to have leadership if we want to avoid what is coming. Provided we just sit back and let people driven by financial gain decide where and what we race then we will only get what they want us to have.

Having been involved in racing for the past 40 years both on an amature and professional basis I am well aware that it is the racer and small service company like yours that suffer.

Without either we do not have a sport!

You are right about racing in the US. It is a farce all over, but that is an excuse. The reason for this is exactly the same in the other series you mention. No leadership!

Our leadership is supposed to come from the IKF or WKA, are you happy with the leadership they are giving the sport? It would appear not or we would not have the shared concern over the manufacturers / importers controlling the sport.