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Usually manufacturers are not open to the public, there is a reason why there are dealers to distribute their merchandise.

However, there may be a little room for negotiation, but I would never insist aggressively, or demand for a lower price, as mentioned above these dealers and shops have a huge overhead and very small margin of profits, and it is extremely difficult for them to survive, in fact most of them have to have a 2nd job to support their families.

It would be in your best interest not to hit them so hard in case of a negotiation, but you could go easy, and have them sympathize  with you on the price. And who knows? You may get a smoken deal after all, just by doing the right approach in a positive way. And if they like you they may even throw in a few more goodies with the bundle.


Keep in mind, it is always a good idea to be a likeable customer, you will get lots of support, advice and a good relationship. ( always have shops, engine builders/tuners on your side )


My 2 cents. FastFreddy.  ;)