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Greg Wright

Dave Hosie wrote;

“What series is our National series? Is it SKUSA, WKA, IKF, USPKS ??? This is the issue. We do not have a leading recognized National series and therefore cannot identify who our National champions are.”


Dave, this topic has been beaten to death over and over on this forum and others. With all due respect I just do not agree.

I’ve written this rant several times on this forum in the past but I’ll do it again.

I don’t understand the obsession that kart racers have on “Having a true National Champion.”. Kart racing is not the least bit unique in this aspect. Think about it!

In 2014 who was the National Stock Car Champion? Did he run with NASCAR? ARCA? ASA? Others?

Who was the National Sprint Car Champion? Did he run with USAC? ALL STARS? SCRA? CRA? Others?

Who was the National Drag Racing Champion” Did he run with NHRA? AHRA? NDRL? Others?

My point is that the “No true National Champion.” spiel is of new real significance and in fact is quite normal in US motorsports.

IMO, the bigger problem is the manufacturers and  importers are running the show and they have resorted to fragmenting the sport more than ever before.

People like myself that have been intimately involved with kart racing for in my case over a half century can trace the change and subsequent decline of kart racing it can be directly traced to when the European (primarily Italian) “invasion” of North American kart racing began in earnest 15+ years ago.

I don’t know how to change the current course that our sport is taking but without real change I worry about the sports future.


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