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Dave Hosie

Jim, The point here is not that we need a National body creating rules at the local level. Frankly we are doing quite well at the local and regional levels. Where we are lacking is at the National level!

What series is our National series? Is it SKUSA, WKA, IKF, USPKS ??? This is the issue. We do not have a leading recognized National series and therefore cannot identify who our National champions are.

While we have many many drivers out competing at the local level we also have many drivers spending tens of thousands competing at what we have as National events and frankly getting NO recognition for it.

Indeed it can be argued that we do not actually have a National series and that all of the series are in effect more like Regional Series than National.

This year we had several of our US drivers travel to Europe for the World finals, they all struggled with the same issue, the tires and engine packages were not what they were used to racing on. Basically our drivers were not prepared by our series to compete at the top level. Now frankly I believe that we have many very talented drivers that could be competitive at the World Finals but we do not have the venues / series here in the US for them to get the experience on the same package that the europeans are racing with.

Many people will argue that a True National Series running say CIK-FIA rules would be too expensive for the masses and they are correct for the masses it probably would be too expensive. A True National Series however is not for the masses, it is for the top say 90 – 120 drivers. Events like the Supernats with 500 + drivers, while spectacular are not really a very good venue for the top drivers as there is too much risk that an inexperienced driver has an effect on the outcome. A series at this level should require the participants to qualify for the series through the other regional series!