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Brett Clatt

Thanks for the info. Unser here in Denver is very reputable and they have been very helpful with my son and I. Looks like I’ll just keep things local.

Costs…. We looked at going the Briggs route, but the competition isn’t that much(IMO). CJKC has about 8 kids in it that run the Formula Briggs. My son was wanting to join the most competitive group and RTR/Rotax seemed to offer that. More kids, money and talent. We’ve worked out a budget to run every race here in Denver and at least two in Grand Junction and/or Phoenix with SLC a possibility also. After parts, rebuild, tires, entry fees, travel expenses and gas we are literally running with less than a grand for a buffer. Something like a blown motor or abnormal parts consumption will quickly shorten the season. The only reason I considered this for my son is that I’ve seen how well he can drive compared to other talented people. We’ll see how well he does with ten other kids around him that are just as, if not more, talented and running on a bigger budget.