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David Cole

Welcome Dacey.

Depends on the budget and the experience you have. If you have had lots of track time in a shifter, and your budget allows it – go with Stock Moto. There are some good shifterkart drivers in Colorado, both in Denver and in Grand Junction.

If you don’t have a lot of time in a kart, I would suggest starting out in the LO206. It will teach you racecraft and how to be smooth. That can transition well into a faster kart, if you decide to move up the speed charts after time in a LO206.

Check out http://www.billetperformancekarting.com/BPK.html as they do both shifterkarts and LO206. DD2 is not very popular in the country,  but it is also an option if you are looking to go Rotax racing.

David Cole - EKN Managing Editor