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Ted Hamilton

IKF is “member led”, and you can’t convince me that they’re not a political quagmire….in most cases of democratic orgs, I see “many chiefs few Indians” syndrome, or the “charismatic popularity contest” winner while the more reasoned, but introverted candidate loses out because he/she is not as networked.

IMO, the solution is a benevolent dicatatorship, where someone who knows, and loves, the sport for what it is forms an org with competent staff, reasonable rules, and a focus on family fun and only tweaks the formula in very minor ways to improve the “product.”  Once that formula is found, don’t change it for decades.  Who cares if it’s “boring” — the people who love the sport for what it is aren’t going to leave, only the trendsters.

The chief difficulty will be finding a suitable candidate who actually wants the job, and is immune to the sway of corporate bribes.


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