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Jason Bane

I agree with Chris above. I’m not as tall (6’1″) or as fast as him but most guys can make it work without an extended porch. I tried an extended porch on a CRG and I hated it. The extended porch gives you more leg room, but you end up with your feet sitting on top of the front rail, which lifts your toes higher in the air.  In addition, the front bumper and nassau panel all move forward.  I didn’t like it at all.  I’m on a DR Kart as well, and I put the factory DR seat real close to where it was recommended from DRT racing. It is tight, but it works great and the kart handles amazing.  On another note, since your taller don’t immediately think you have to be on a 32mm frame. I thought the same for a few years, then finally went to a 30mm DR kart S97 and I wish that I would have tried one sooner.  I highly recommend the kart.   If you are still looking, I know of a couple very good condition S97 shifters that are for sale. Send me an IM or email and I will put you in touch with the owner.