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Dave Hosie

The rumor I heard was that K1 leveraged the deal with an order for $ 3 mil in rental karts, that probably will double CRG’s revenue next year! It probably did not take CRG too long to make a decision on this. The details in the post are very vague, but consider that almost all K1 locations have some kind of IRL, Stock Car display it is not hard to imagine that they may add a CRG race kart display! Maybe even have them for sale at all 25 locations?? The release also states that PSL and CRG USA will run the team, could that become a K1 team. K1 is one of the largest businesses in the karting industry world wide and what they do could have a big impact on karting in the US. They have acess to over 1 million customers that are all potential new customers to kart racing. They may even go so far as developing their own outdoor series? These are just my thoughts who knows what they plan but if they get serious we will definitely know they are there! They are a real business and are turning over big $, this was not done without a plan!