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Oliver Kell

I’m going to agree with the notion that PSL did not see it coming. It was only late summer that the western Canadian CRG distributor became a PSL dealer.

In doing my research for a track operation I did hear a few repeated concerns about some pretty agresive business taticts on the rental side of things. Having said that, business is business and they’ve obviously been successful.

I haven’t had any experience dealing with them on the equipment side and wondering what other people have experienced.

I’m sure a company like k1 knows exactly what the margins are in each sbu, and i don’t know how many customers they will bring from the rental side to the racing side (which I’m sure CRG is hoping for).

I also wonder if this means they will be miving from OTL rentals to CRG, even though I haven’t seen anything electric from CRG. Still surprising as last i heard CRG’s turnaround on orders was still six months and OTL recently moved into a new facility.

Has there been any suggestions of k1 getting into the outdoor track business?