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Glenn L Riggs

You should be able to do a quality upper end yourself is not that hard the keys are having a nice round cylinder getting the right piston fit, I kind of like a little tighter with slow break in as it seems to last longer than a lose fit . Now the other thing is if it has been blueprinted the piston has been cut you can stand the new piston next to old and see the height difference you need to cut the skirt to match as that controls your intake spec. I use a lathe but anyway you can keep it even is fine. Be careful with the c lips have had some that break the one with the tab seems to be worse. When putting back together the split on the ring goes to the intake. There is a pin there to hold it. Reuse the base gaskets as the thickness controls the exhaust port height. Do not over tighten as they bend easily and will distort the bore.  Would give you something to do on these cold nights. lol If your near chicago could give you a hand. We don`t run kt100 anymore but has some great memories. Take care