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Randy McKee

Can you describe what you mean by bog and which type of turns?  There’s a couple types of bogs:

1.  motor falls completely flat and feels like it’s sucking air.  No power at all.  This is usually a severe lean situation at some point in the carb (fuel delivery, pilot, needle, main).

2.  motor has some power but is very sluggish (not crisp when getting on throttle).  Usually too fat.

I run a cr125 with a pump-around, so I may not be the best to advise you.  However, most of the people I’ve known who run a stock carb/pump setup don’t have significant fuel issues coming out of turns.  They may hickup or fall-flat in longer turns, but are OK otherwise.

Have you tried different pilot jets?  You may be too rich or lean on the bottom end of the jetting?  I know you can’t try anything for  a while, so you may want to try different jetting setups instead of a pump-around.